Vendor (Artisan) Agreement & Show Rules

All crafters are required to sign a waiver to attend the show. You may download a copy of the waiver, print, complete, scan and submit via email OR you may send a printed copy in the mail (contact us for the correct address to mail it to).  Completed forms must be received by the deadline provided in your acceptance email, along with payment, in order to secure your space at the show.  The waiver may be downloaded here >

The waiver states the following:

  • NS Art & Craft Sale, its organizers and committees, DO NOT assume any responsibility for the work. Artists and Crafters who enter their work in the show and deliver it to the Waverley Legion do so at their own risk.
  • Participants assume all risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of property damage or loss resulting thereof from participation.
  • Participants are responsible for purchasing adequate insurance should they require it. No insurance will be provided by the Organizers.
  • COVID RESTRICTIONS: As of October 4th, all Nova Scotians are required by law to provide proof of full vaccination to participate in recreational activities. Show organizers, (and/or the venue), will be legally required to verify vaccination status of all shoppers and
    exhibitors prior to entering the show. You acknowledge that in order to participate in the show you will abide by the requirements of the province and/or venue. Further you understand for the health and safety of all participants the NS Art & Craft Sale will adhere to all restrictions or laws in place at that time.

—— Vendor Agreement ——

  • A 6×2 ft. table will be supplied for each vendor (2 for corner spaces). Vendor must provide their own table cover that will reach the floor on all visible sides.
  • Table spaces to be allocated by the organizers.
  • An electrical outlet will be provided for those requiring one. Vendor must bring their own extension cords/power strips.
  • Nothing is to be attached with hangers, nails, or anything which would damage the walls or the other parts of the hall.
  • Spaces are to be set up between 9 am and 10.45 am on Friday of the show. Doors open at 11am to shoppers.
  • Displays are NOT to be dismantled before 4:01 PM on Saturday of the show.
  • Vendors are responsible for clearing and cleaning up their area and table.
  • All items must be hand made by you. (no used items, no resale items etc) and pre-approved by the organizers
  • Any problems or disputes will be settled solely by the discretion of the Organizers.
  • Your space is not guaranteed until: 1. full payment has been received; 2. a copy of the signed waiver is provided by the deadline specified in the email notification

Additional Show Rules – Please read before applying.

  1. Applications will not be considered unless accompanied by photographs detailing your work.
  2. Payment for Exhibitor’s space must made in full by the date specified upon notification of acceptance. Your space is not guaranteed until full payment has been received.
  3. All merchandise in the Show must be hand-crafted by the artisan.
  4. Management reserves the right to publish or otherwise utilize photos provided by exhibitors and photos taken during the show for advertising and promotional purposes at any time.
  5. Exhibitors will be permitted to sell only those works which were approved by the curators. Any work exhibited which has not been approved by the curators shall be removed at the request of Show Management. Failure to remove any items not approved by show management will constitute unethical conduct on the part of the exhibitor and result in dismissal from the Show.
  6. Assignment of booth is prohibited: Exhibitors shall not share any portion of its exhibit space to any other entity, without the prior written consent of Show Management.
  7. Shared tables are permitted only when both participants have applied and been accepted to the show individually. Two exhibitors/artists may only apply to share a single wall or aisle table. Corner spaces are not available to be shared.
  8. Damage of any nature to the booth area, or property of the host, promoter or other rental company employed to provide services is prohibited. Exhibitors will be held responsible for damage. Cost of damage or loss of items will be billed to the Exhibitor.
  9. All rights & privileges of an exhibitor shall not be infringed upon by any other exhibitor. Exhibitors with noisy devices, sound-producing movies, or displays which may prove objectionable to other exhibitors must agree to regulate those devices so as to abate objections. All structural work such as shelving, standards, display racks, signs, spotlights, etc., are subject to the approval of show management.
  10. Any space not claimed and occupied or for which no special arrangement with show management has been made prior to one hour before the show opens to the public may be reassigned by Show management without obligation for any refund whatsoever. All booths MUST be completely set up by 10:45am FRIDAY. Cancellations must be made in writing or emailed prior to the show. Application fees are non-refundable. Booth fees are not refundable. We understand that there are many unforeseen circumstances that may arise last minute, however, as we spend all booth fees on marketing and advertising prior to the show we cannot make exceptions to this policy. If the show cannot proceed for any reason, we will provide online marketing/advertising for all vendors in place of a physical show.
  11. Exhibitor agrees they will MOVE THEIR VEHICLE as soon as they have unloaded in respect for other exhibitors.
  12. Unethical conduct, or infraction of the rules on the part of the exhibitor or his or her representatives, will subject the exhibitor, his or her representative, or both to dismissal from the Show. Exhibitor Booth fees will not be refunded. This includes inappropriate behavior prior to or during the show, failing to respond to required correspondence; failure or refusal to complete the necessary pre check-in forms; refusal to return calls or communicate with management when required; failure to provide information necessary for management to finalize your booth reservation or confirm your attendance, failure to abide by the show rules; abusing (verbal  or physical) show staff and volunteers.

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