PLEASE NOTE: The Nova Scotia Art & Craft Sale is a juried/curated show. ONLY HANDMADE items will be permitted. Absolutely no MLM, vintage, or direct sales companies or resale items are permitted.

Application deadline: The deadline has been changed this year due to ongoing uncertainty with covid.  Applications will be accepted this year until August 2021 and notifications will be sent as soon as possible thereafter.  (Please note this later deadline is only in place for 2021. Our usual deadline of June 21st with notifications sent by June 30th will return in 2022.)

Wait List: If you would like to join the wait list, please complete this form.


  • A completed form AND photos must be received for your application to be considered.
  • If you wish to share a table with another artisan, both artisans must apply and be accepted. (No sharing permitted for the 2021 show)
  • PAYMENT INFO: A $40 deposit is usually required with your application. For the 2021 show we are removing the deposit requirement - NO PAYMENT IS DUE WITH YOUR 2021 APPLICATION.  However an invoice for the full amount will be included with acceptance notifications. Exhibitors will at that time be required to pay their fee in full to secure their space.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  If you use Social Media, please provide the links to your Social Media accounts so we can include you in our Social Media marketing.  WARNING:  If you do not provide COMPLETE AND ACCURATE account information we will NOT promote your social media accounts. It is not always easy to find the correct account without the proper link and we will no longer spend time searching. If you do not take the time to provide the information we need, we will assume you do not wish to be promoted.

ABOUT YOU:  Tell us more about why you create your art/craft, how you started, and any other information you would like to share to help us understand what motivates you and how we can best market your art/craft.

Space Options:  Center & Wall spaces include 1 table. Corner spaces include 2 tables. Tables are 6’x2.5’.    We also have 2 "Pool Table" spaces for $75 each. We can not guarantee you will be offered the space type you prefer, but we do our best to accommodate everyone fairly.

PLEASE NOTE: Electricity is not available in the center aisle.
Tell Us About Your Items:  Provide a detailed description of  the type of handmade items you will be displaying at the sale.
PHOTOS: Photos are required with your application. After you submit this form you will be directed to our DropBox account to upload photos.  Please upload 5 photos, (including 1 booth /table set up) showing the type of handmade items you will be displaying at the sale.  Your confirmation email will provide a link to the DropBox folder and instruction on how to proceed to complete your application.
  • COMMENTS:  Requests or comments may be entered below.  We will try to accommodate your needs where possible.  Please note participants may not select their table space beyond the request for a type of space (i.e. Wall, Corner, Middle, etc). Layout and placement will be determined by the organizers.
  • TABLE SHARING: If you would like to share a table please enter the name of your table buddy below. (No shared booths for 2021)


NEXT STEP: Our usual deposit requirement has been removed for the 2021 show. HOWEVER photos are required and if not received, your application will not be considered.  You will receive a copy of this form after successful submission. It is important you make sure you can receive our email as this is how we will be communicating vital show information with you.  Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive the email within 1 hour after submission.

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