Who Should Apply

Applications are open to Nova Scotian artists, crafts people, authors, bakers/confectioners, etc., who produce handmade art and craft.

  • All merchandise in the Show must be hand‐crafted and offered in finished form. Kits, supplies and resale merchandise is not permitted.
  • MLM and other distributor type products and services are not permitted.

We use the word “jury” because it is commonly used in regard to a professional show. However the term‘curate’ may be more descriptive of the process. We limit the number of makers per category; and our makers do not have to compete with imported and mass‐produced items as we only accept handmade products. We strive to maintain a high level of quality and variety in those items offered at the show, thus ensuring we do not saturate the show with any one type of craft. This creates an optimal selling environment for our artists and the best shopping experience for our shoppers.

It is our goal to promote and support Nova Scotia makers, everything we do is with that goal in mind.

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